Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

Cerebral Palsy Lawyer

A law firm headquartered in Michigan offers nationwide help to those suffering with cerebral palsy caused by medical malpractice. A few things to be aware of if your baby or child is diagnosed with cerebral palsy – improper medical care during pregnancy, labor and during the first years of the child’s life can result in brain damage to your baby, resulting in cerebral palsy. For example, not monitoring the baby’s brain activity properly so that diagnosis of a problem is not possible, can be medical malpractice. Not providing an emergency C-section in a timely manner can also be medical malpractice. Both of these examples can result in brain damage to the baby, resulting in cerebral palsy. If you suspect poor medical care resulted in your child’s cerebral palsy, you can contact their cerebral palsy lawyer who will discuss the circumstances of your case and can review it with their team of medical experts and lawyers. Here’s their cerebral palsy lawyer video on youtube.

Girl with Cerebral Palsy Could Use Some Help.

Girl with Cerebral Palsy Could Use Some Help.

Family of girl with cerebral palsy fundraise for life-changing operation

NHS allegedly turned down Sophie Sharman’s hopes for a potentially life-changing operation that would allow her to walk.

Sophie Sharman Photo: ITV News Central

The family of a girl from Bedworth in Warwickshire, who suffers from cerebral palsy, have told ITV News Central they will try to fund surgery which could help her walk, after being turned down by the NHS.

At eight weeks old Sophie Sharman was diagnosed with cerebral palsy by her doctors. Sophie is now 11, and the condition affects her ability to control her muscles and movements.

Her mother, Natalie Rider, 33, said her daughter needs full-time care.

She can not sit unaided, she can not walk unaided. We have to take care of her 24 hours, 7 days a week. Changing, dressing, bathing and feeding.

– Natalie Rider, Sophie’s mum.

NHS stands for National Health Service in the United Kingdom.  Maybe “social medicine” only means some people get medical care. While these government agencies that are the hopes and dreams of so many around the world, for the people who actually are dependent upon society to literally take care of them, medicine is rather limited.  It’s appalling as you see young healthy individuals who are capable of taking care of themselves receive their health care and medicine, the truly needy get turned down. In Britain, a politician recently said to an interviewer that he thinks babies and children with disabilities should be put down, no different than culling the sheep when they’re born with physical or mental issues.  With those kinds of people being elected to lead us, and putting like-minded into positions of power over healthcare decisions, where do you think society is going? It’s a tragic turn for certain. We hope the people open their eyes to the evil popping up amongst us. It must be stopped.

Here’s what the hospital explained about Sophie being turned down for her surgery request:

“Changes to funding arrangements mean this treatment is no longer available on the NHS. But we continue to meet with the family as they explore self-funding Sophie’s surgery.” – Nottingham University Hospitals Trust

Sophie’s family says they need raise between £10,000 and £12,000 to pay for Sophie’s operation. Natalie, Sophie’s mother, said the whole family is devastated the NHS will no longer fund the surgery but they refuse to give up.

According to Natalie, Sophie’s mother, the surgery “…has been hailed like a miracle operation. Children with cerebral palsy are getting up and learning to walk.”

Sophie’s family has been forced to appeal on social media, asking for donations.  Next month, they are holding a charity auction to raise funds.

Sign the petition to Help Sophie Get Her Operation

Here’s the story:  http://www.itv.com/news/central/2014-05-29/family-of-girl-with-cerebral-palsy-fundraise-for-life-changing-operation/

Here’s DailyMail’s story on NHS withdrawing offer to fund Sophie’s life-changing surgery.

‘The NHS will fund boob jobs but not surgery to help my little girl walk’: Mother’s anger after daughter, 10, is denied op due to budget cuts

  • Sophie Sharman has cerebral palsy and is unable to walk unaided
  • She was offered surgery on the NHS which could have helped her walk
  • The offer was then withdrawn because of budget cuts within the NHS
  • Her mother, Natalie Rider, says the offer would not have been withdrawn if Sophie had not missed one of her pre-surgery hospital appointments
  • She only missed it because her mother was rushed to hospital for surgery
  • Ms Rider is now appealing the decision but if this fails she will have to raise £30,000 to pay for the operation herself

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2572029/The-NHS-fund-boob-jobs-not-surgery-help-little-girl-walk-Mothers-anger-daughter-10-denied-op-budget-cuts.html#ixzz33DIN3RDq
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Young with Cerebral Palsy Becomes Boxing Coach

AN inspirational young man who until recently used a wheelchair due to cerebral palsy has become a boxing coach.

Bart Szymczyk, 21, from Clifton, nearly died when he was born prematurely and weighing little more than 1lb.

Diagnosed with the neurological condition cerebral palsy, which can affect balance and mobility, Bart has undergone leg operations to help with his walking.

His key worker put him in touch with coach Andrew ‘Rocky’ Miller at the Community Spirit Boxing Club in York RI club in Acomb when he told of how keen he was to start boxing.

Bart has now volunteered there for more than a year, helping to lead the children’s classes, and since he began training at the club his mobility has been so improved he no longer uses a wheelchair.

He said: “I like to help people. I’m just enjoying everything to do with boxing.

“Somebody said to me, how can you be happy if you are disabled? I don’t listen to them and I don’t care if someone says I can’t do it. I just continue.

“It doesn’t matter if you are disabled you should just do what you want to do.

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Incredible Boy With Cerebral Palsy Walks 500 Miles

Nate Watson has Cerebral Palsy, a condition which affects his muscle control. Incredibly, he  has set a record walking 500 miles.


He didn’t walk 500 miles in a few days or a weeks, this has been a long term plan. Nate Watson started his 500 mile walk in kindergarten, and ended his trek at Sagebrush Elementary School, reaching the milestone with cheers.

Doctors told Nate’s parents he had cerebral palsy when he was born, and they predicted he’d be in a wheelchair by the time he was 12 years old. Obviously the doctors were wrong about that prediction, as they are with so many medical predictions. Nate not only proved them completely wrong, he did it with fierce determination. While his parents are exceptionally proud of their son, what Nate achieved goes far beyond himself or his parents. He’s one of the examples that proves doctors don’t know with any certainty what the future may hold for a person based on their education. Nate has given ALL parents of children affected by cerebral palsy hope for their future, against the odds, against the doctors predictions,  hope against negativity that too many introduce to special needs children and their families. Nate is a source of inspiration, of a can-do spirit, of perseverance and achievement. Will he always set records? Who knows? That’s the whole point. Thanks, Nate, for being a great example and showing the world there’s hope even when to professionals tell there’s not. Keep walking, keep persevering and keep proving people wrong!

“Here he is, and he’s still getting around, and he just got the crutches this year,” Nate’s mother Dara Watson told TV station KULR.

Not only does Nate love walking, but it improves his condition by strengthening his leg muscles, his mother said.

“It’s his favorite thing to do is to get out and walk,” Watson said.

Four laps around the playground is equal to one mile, meaning Nate has circled the playground 2000 times in the past seven years.

For more on the story, please visit http://ktla.com/2014/05/29/boy-with-cerebral-palsy-sets-record-walking-500-miles/#axzz33CwfxbSR